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Yard Sale

Residents are permitted to have yard sale under the following rules…

  • Yard sales will be allowed through a permit (with 48 hours notice).
  • The permit is good for one day only (Sat or Sun) and from 8am to 3pm.
  • The sale must be held outside of the complex only (For example: on Maplewood Dr. or Old Centerville Rd). No sales will be allowed inside of the complex. You must have the permit on you during the sale
  • All trash and left over sale items, signs, and any other items must be picked up at the end of the sale. Anyone who does not pick up their trash will be fined and no other permits will be issued.
  • The permits will be issued in the same manner as parking passes. There will be a limit of two permits per household per year.



Playground Equipment for ages 12 years and younger. 

  • Adult supervision required at all times. 
  • Play at your own risk.
  • Do not use when wet. 
  • No running, pushing or shoving. 
  • Use equipment properly. 
  • No bare feet. 
  • No glass bottles in play area. 


You can contact the management company using the name and address on the Contacts page of this web site, or you can send a violation report via email using the online HOA Violation/Problem Report Form.

Start By calling your Community HOA Treasurer.